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Mar 31, 2018  
Patent Attorney

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Nobody was really doing that.” Silverstein, 38, doesn’t have a place to hang up her shingle yet. While she looks for office space, she’s working out of CoWork Oasis, a hip office-sharing den Downtown. A search of the U.S. Patent Office website turns up seven attorneys qualified to call themselves patent lawyers. “To be called a patent attorney, you have to take an extra bar exam and have a science or engineering undergraduate degree,” Silverstein said. She earned a biology degree before attending Texas A&M School of Law in 2007, where she passed the patent bar exam in her second year. “I’m it in El Paso and in the region,” she said. “What sets me apart is not only can I do all the filings for patents, trademarks and copyrights, and correspondence with the patent office, I also have all the experience in academic technology transfer, which is a whole different beast.” That leaves the question about the demand for a patent lawyer in El Paso. “I think there will be once people learn about it,” she said. “But I also want to shout out to other universities in the state, and since patent law is federal, I can work for anyone in the country.” Having a patent specialist on staff is too expensive for smaller colleges and universities that hold patents but need licensing and marketing, and that’s the kind of work she’ll be looking to do for them. Patent lawyers’ hourly rates are typically high, but Silverstein plans to keep hers affordable and already has a few clients.

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